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Small Pets Lick Salt Block on Rope- Natural Small Animal Mineral Salt Chew Toys

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  • More Quantity: You will receive 4 pieces of pink natural Himalayan salt blocks, which are mined from mineral veins deep in the Himalayas. They are all hang on ropes, and you can hang them at any height for your pets to lick and chew.
  • Rich in Minerals: Himalayan salt block has up to 84 kinds of natural minerals, which can provide your pet with a variety of essential minerals including zinc, calcium and iron. After ingesting the mineral elements that are not often contained in ordinary foods, they will be more active and healthy.
  • Encourage Pets to Drink: As we all know, salt can make people thirsty, and so do your pets. Himalayan salt chew toys will make your pet drink more water. The more they lick, the more water they will drink, which can solve the problem that your pet does not like to drink water, thereby promoting metabolism.
  • Hard and Durable: Our Himalayan chew block is very hard, not afraid of bites and will not melt when exposed to heat so it can be used for a long time. Note that it is not waterproof as a licking product, try not to keep it in the rain or stay in the water.
  • Unique Piece: Since our salt blocks are naturally mined from the Himalayas, each one is unique. They are all Himalayan natural salt lick blocks, but the size, details and color will be different, hoping you will like it.

Binding : Small Animals

Details: Are you troubled by pets' unbalanced nutrition and dislike of drinking water? Are you looking for salt lick toys for your little pet? Do you know the benefits of salt lick toys? Welcome to learn about our Himalayan small animal lick salt blocks. Feature: -4 Pcs Himalayan salt chew blocks with hanging rope -Provide varieties of minerals to enhance pets' immune system -Increase the frequency of pets drinking water to promote metabolism -Soothe pet's mood and bring comfort -Hard and durable to use for a long time -Every piece is unique Specification: Package includes: 4 Pcs Himalayan salt blocks with hanging rope Color: Pink Material: Himalayan mineral salt It is a perfect gift for your small pet. Buy it now! Warm tips: Avoid hanging it in the rain or staying in the water. Give the pet the proper amount of salt, not always use.

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.1 x 1.8 inches