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Lookout Tower with Long Crossover Tube Habitat Hamster Rodent Gerbils Mouse Mice Small Animal Cage

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Brand: Mcage

Color: Black


  • 5-Level Solid Floors Lage Cage size: L21.25 x W14 x H23.5 inches Bar space: 3/8" Prevent Escape and Stuck; Cage can be connected other cage together for more space.
  • Long Crossover Tube Tunnel High Lookout Play Zone Towe Non-toxic Painted Frame is safe to use for small animals critters
  • Expandable and Customizable Able to Expand and Completely Compatible "Mcage" Accessories For More Space. 3-Inch Deep Acrylic Clear Base (Easy See Through the Daily Activities of Your Pet).
  • Include Complete Set of Accessorie 4 x Acrylic Clear Shevles, 4 x Ladders, 1 x Water Bottle, Play Tubes Tunnel, 1 x Food Bowl, 1 x Hide House and 1 x 5-Inch Excerise Running Wheel
  • 3 doors available: front, left and right For Dwarf Syrian Hamster Habitat Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Rat...Small size animal

Binding : Small Animals

Details: Keep your hamster, mouse or guinea pig happy and secure in their own Deluxe Hamster Hotel. Complete with an exercise wheel, three mezzanine levels and 3 ladders, your pet will have a great time exercising and enjoying their surrounds. The Hamster Hotel is easy to clean as the cage section clips off the base, and there is even a feed dish and water dispenser to keep your pet content. If you're looking for the perfect setup for your little cutie, this Deluxe Hamster hotel is ideal. List of Content and Features: 3 Level mezzanine floors Hamster wheel 3 inches deep tray Three Ladders Hamster hide house 2.36inch(6mm) entrance tube Water bottle with auto watering solution Food bowl Cage size: Bar space: 3/8"