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Freeze Dried Bloodworms Fish Food - 2 OZ Tropical Freshwater Betta Fish Aquatic Food

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Brand: Sequoia


  • Due to the excellent acceptance and the high protein percentage, bloodworms - which are very popular food also in nature - are particularly well suited for finicky animals (e.g. newly added fish not accustomed with dry food).
  • Our exclusive, pharmaceutical grade freeze-drying process allows us to maintain the original taste, texture and nutrition of the live animal. An excellent alternative to live food, free of foul odor and parasites offering excellent nutrition without risk.
  • Loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins to improve the overall health of your pet while reducing stress and stress related disease.
  • FD Blood Worms is best for most tropical fish and goldfish. The wholesome composition additionally supports the success of breeding attempts and supports the healthy development of juvenile fish.Basically, your fish will go CRAZY for this food!
  • 100% Bloodworms. No additives. No chemicals.No preservatives.High quality all-natural freeze-dried Bloodworms. All the natural nutrition of live foods.

Binding: Fish and Aquatic

Details: What are freeze dried bloodworms?   Bloodworms are actually a type of insect larvae named after their bright red color. Found in water bodies in nature, nearly all species of fish devour bloodworms making them an excellent food choice for even the pickiest eaters.  Freeze Dried Bloodworms are processed and tested to remove undesirable organisms such as parasites and harmful bacteria sometimes found in live bloodworms. These natural treats are highly nutritious and rich in beneficial proteins, vitamins and minerals. How do I feed the dry food to my fish?   The average length of the bloodworm is about 1CM (0.4 INCH) and the diameter is about 0.1CM (0.04 INCH). The bloodworms are lightweight and will float so it is best to soak them in a little water before adding them to your tank. Simply dump a few treats into a dish and add water. After a few minutes, pour the water and bloodworms into your aquarium. Fish go crazy over the delicious snacks and eat them while they float and begin to sink. These surface feeding fish and shrimp treats leave no cloudy water behind and provide your pets with extra iron, seafood protein and fiber. What fish enjoy these floating treats?   Perfect as a supplement to your aquatic pet’s primary diet, freeze dried bloodworms are a great treat for almost any species of fish and shrimp. Both saltwater and freshwater fish such as cichlids, goldfish, mollies and oscars receive a boost of energy from these tasty snacks. Betta fish aquariums and breeding tanks particularly benefit from the addition of bloodworms to their diet.   Top-class supplementary food for very fastidious fish. Basically, your fish will go CRAZY for this food!

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