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JOR Bloodworm for Betta, Freeze-Dried Treats for Siamese Fighting Fish and Other Aquatic Pets

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Brand: JOR


  • NUTRITIOUS ENERGY SNACKS FOR BETTAS --- A tasty snack, Freeze dried Bloodworm for Betta by Jor offers an energy-packed diverse diet to your vibrant fish. This pack contains a healthy blend of fat, and fiber that supports Siamese Fighting Fish's energy requirement.
  • ENCOURAGES BREEDING --- An ideal healthy addition to your tank, it conditions your bettas’ aquarium water by mimicking the abundance of food during the breeding season. Bloodworms also provide essential energy during spawning and early growth stages.
  • APPETIZING TREAT FOR PICKY EATERS ---Bloodworms are not called "ultimate baitfish" for nothing. An all-time hit, 99% of fish will find them deliciously tempting, including picky eaters. Use them only as a treat or as a supplement to your pet's regular diet.
  • ENJOYABLE HYGIENIC MEALS --- Your bettas will appreciate that these Bloodworms float at the top of the tank. They will enjoy the feeling of hunting and will consume them immediately without affecting the tank water. The freeze-drying process locks in all the elements and keeps them away from stuff that may put a toll on your pet's health condition.
  • EASY TO USE AND STORE --- This pack of half ounce bloodworms come in a convenient Ziplock bag with a secure and resealable locking top. If your bettas are cohabitating with bottom dwellers such as Loaches, Eels, or Plecostomus and want to feed them with these treats, soften them first by soaking the bloodworms for around ten minutes before adding to the tank.

Binding: Fish and Aquatic

Details: Healthy Diversity Bettas, being carnivorous fish, need a rich diet. In the wild, they live by consuming fallen insects or aquatic worms. This diet requirement is something that every betta keeper should replicate. A varied diet regimen can keep your Siamese Fighting Fish healthy and energetic. Feeding Bloodworm for Betta by Jor is a good way to offer a diverse yet energy-rich diet to your pets. This pack has the essential requirement as listed below: Vitamins – helps keep bettas resilient to illnesses Trace Elements – assists in fluid regulation Essential Elements – energy-provider and aids in building bones and tissues The process of freeze-drying also keeps the trace elements intact and, at the same time, takes away adverse elements present in live bloodworms. Since they are lightweight, they float, so it is advisable to soak them in a little water before adding to your tank. Your fish will enjoy surface feeding before they finally settle in. Too Much of Anything is Not Good Just like any food, anything more than necessary is not good for their health. Control their food intake and do not overfeed them. You have the freedom to limit your serving as this pack of healthy treats is in a convenient Ziplock bag. You take a piece or two during every mealtime then re-seal. The freshness and quality will stay intact for the next meal serving. Your bettas will keep on eating if there's a chance to do so. Feed your bettas in the morning and at night, or at least have 12 hours in between, to allow your fish to digest the food they consumed before the next meal. Remember to use these bloodworms as treats to offer variety in their diet but never as a staple food for your fish. You can use them to replace one or two meals a week and serve one or two pieces per meal.

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches