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Killer Fish

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Author: Clement , Brian

An acclaimed expert in the fields of preventive medicine and natural health, Brian Clement separates myth from fact as he presents powerful evidence of deadly toxins particularly mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and pharmaceuticals that travel up the food chain and concentrate in the tissues of both farmed and wild fish and then into the humans who eat them. Readers are provided with an overview on how aquatic life became contaminated, how fish consumption affects human health, whether farmed fish are safer to eat than wild, the problem of overfishing and the decimation of fish species as well as the true health effects of consuming fish oil. For those who depends upon fish as a source of omega-e fatty acids, a list of safe alternatives is provided.
The far-reaching health consequences suffered by people who eat these fish have rocked marine scientists and medical communities around the globe. Modern attempts designed to reverse this plight, such as producing genetically engineered fish, have only provided a new set of problems. With "Killer Fish," the public has a chance to become educated as to the depth of this problem. Hopefully this awareness will not only safeguard their health, but be part of the solution as well.

Binding: Fish and Aquatic

Details: People the world over are eating more fish than ever before and assuming fish to be a healthful alternative to meat as well as an excellent source for omega-3 fatty acids. "Killer Fish" alerts consumers to how eating aquatic life endangers their health.

Languages: English