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Luffy Decorative Aquatic Moss Wall/Floor Mesh Kit, Create a Lush Living Plant

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Brand: Luffy


  • BUILD YOUR OWN ENCHANTING MOSS WALL OR MOSS FLOOR --- The innovative Luffy Moss Wall Mesh Kit includes everything you need to set up a beautiful moss backdrop or carpet: 2 pieces of plastic mesh, 10 cable ties and 5 suction cups. If you want a beautiful plant with it too, check out our store for some quality options.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE DECORATION --- Once set up and installed into your aquarium, the Luffy Aquatic Moss Wall Mesh Kit requires little additional maintenance. The moss will grow on its own through the holes in the mesh wall and may need to be trimmed if it gets too overgrown.
  • CAN BE USED WITH VARIOUS TYPES OF MOSS --- Whether you prefer Christmas moss, java moss or some other aquatic plant, the versatile Luffy Moss Wall Mesh Kit creates a stunning decoration for your fish tank.
  • TWO DURABLE PLASTIC MESH PIECES --- Two smooth 12” x 8” (30cm x 20cm) plastic pieces of mesh can be sandwiched together with aquatic moss between them to create a stunning moss wall. Each mesh piece has ¼” (0.65cm) big holes for the rich green moss to grow through.
  • EASILY AND SECURELY ATTACHES WITH SUCTION CUPS --- Your luscious moss wall adheres to the glass of the fish tank using commonly used suction cups. For securely holding your moss wall or carpet, ensure that you have polish the glass before placing suction cups. These included adaptable fasteners are easy to attach and remove, making it very simple to relocate the moss wall.

Binding: Fish and Aquatic

Details: Turn your bare fish tank into a magnificent underwater domain with the amazing Luffy Moss Wall or Moss Carpet Mesh Kit. The simple to use set-up package includes all the material to create a unique backdrop; all you need to add is an aquatic plant that suits your preferences. Like all living things, different species of moss have their own ideal environments and thrive in specific temperatures, lighting and water conditions. Choose the right moss for you and your aquarium then use the ingenious Luffy Moss Wall Mesh Kit to add a luscious, natural green background.

Ready to install, the Luffy Aquatic Moss Wall Kit contains two pieces of plastic mesh, ten cable ties and five suction cups. Simply place the moss between the two 12" x 8" (30cm x 20cm) durable plastic mesh sheets and use the cable ties to securely hold the pieces together. Then use the suction cups to attach the newly created moss wall or moss floor to the glass surface on your aquarium. But, before placing suction cups on the wall or floor, make sure you have cleaned the surface. This will secure your moss wall or floor. If needed, apply a cut on the mesh so that you can easily squeeze the suction cup through it. If your fish tank is smaller than the mesh sheets, because they are plastic, you can easily trim them to a more suitable size.

With the Luffy Moss Wall Mesh Kit, in just a few minutes, you can make a boring dull space a lush, vibrantly colored underwater setting.

EAN: 0791043300089

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.0 x 0.9 inches